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There are no two students with the same needs. ¡Contact us and our advisors will help you decide what EPIC SAT course is the best fit for your goals!



preparación toefl

Individual sat course

For candidates who:

  • Score high in our mock test
  • Have a close deadline (inferior to 10 weeks)
  • Holistic SAT exam preparation
  • Have a very packed schedule
TOEFL test barcelona

Mini group sat course

For candidates who:

  • Score intermediate or high in our mock test
  • Deadline longer than 3 moths
  • Holistic SAT exam preparation
  • Available 3 to 4 sessions per week
toefl barcelona


For candidates who:

  • Already have started their preparation
  • Deadline ranging between 5 and 12 weeks
  • Need holistic or section specific preparation
  • No wide range schedule availability needed


Since 2010 all our SAT courses are based on 3 principles:


All our teachers are native, college graduates and a 3 year minimum experience teaching SAT. They also receive continuous training so they stay the best SAT preparation specialists.

Continuous practice

One of EPIC’s specific traits is that we design our programs with a significant weight on the practice aspect. This approach has allowed us to maximize in short periods of times the performance of our students.


We use performance KPI that help us design personalised plans based on the evaluation we conduct on every canidate. Throuout the whole preparation we monitor the student’s progress so we can maximize every single candidate’s preparation.


Our students grant EPIC’s methodology

After a whole year at EPIC Barcelona, I can personally say that effort does pay off. I have not only learned all the SAT material I needed to ace the exam, but also my SAT coach has helped me through one of the most stressful periods of my life. I mean, while I was trying to master the SAT, I was also trying to do my best at my junior year of high school, then senior. I can say I learnt plenty of material related to math that will never get out of my mind, improved my vocabulary, grammar and speed when reading as well as I grew as a person thanks to Jaclyn’s influence. Indeed, I also felt that my English is no longer one with a poor accent. Due to many hours of intense discussions related to the SAT and my future in the USA, I feel that now I speak English properly and I have gained confidence. Finally, what I truly have learnt at EPIC Barcelona is that you must fight for your dreams and that “practice makes perfection.”

Berta de la Rosa Cosculluela

SAT - 1480/1600

I started doing SAT prep classes with the Exam Prep Center in the summer before my last year of school (senior year). EPIC helped me raise my score from an 1250 to a 1530 and get a perfect score in reading (800/800). This is an incredible feat and thanks to my score, I was able to gain entry with a scholarship to the University of Miami, which is ranked very high in the United States. I also got into University of California San Diego (ranked number 26 in the US) and other schools. This is no small feat and I was able to do this thanks to my very high score in the SAT.

Gines Vivancos Duran

SAT - 800/800 Reading/Writing Section, 1530/1600 Overall

My experience with EPIC was excellent. I needed to score high on both the SAT and TOEFL to be able to study in the United States. I decided EPIC was the best option to prepare both exams. They managed to prepare me within 2 months of work. Classes were fun and engaging, and my teachers knew how to adapt throughout all the process. EPIC provided excellent materials for both SAT and TOEFL. The results were even better than I expected scoring 1410 in the SAT and 102 in the TOEFL!

Alex Lozano

SAT (1410/1600)


The SAT is a standarized college admission test accepted in the US, UK, India, Canada, Australia,… Currently is admitted for some European universities that are interested in recruiting international talent for their programms. College Board (company which owns the SAT) has announced big changes for 2023. In 2002 the SAT is still a paper based test that has 2 main sections: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. Each of this sections are scored between 0 and 800 points for a total maximum SAT score of 1.600 points. The 2 main sections are divided in the following parts: Reading, Writing and Language, Math non calculator and Math calculator.