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This section evaluates the quantitative reasoning ability along with problem-solving and the mathematical interpretation of data. There are three types of questions: problem solving, quantitative comparison, and numerical entry.


 Number of questions: 40
 Time Limit: 70 minutes
 Score: 130 to 170


This section evaluates the comprehension of written texts and ability to identify associations between different information that needs to be analyzed. There are three categories: sentence equivalence, text completion, reading comprehension.


 Number of questions: 40
 Time Limit: 70 minutes
 Score: 130 to 170

analytical writing

This section evaluates the written communication skills and the ability to critically analyze an argument. It consists of two writing activities:

1. Describe your perspective about an issue (30 minutes)

2. Analyze an argument (30 minutes)

 Number of tasks: 2
 Time Limit: 60 minutes
 Score: 0 to 6 for each essay

GRE exam







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At the Exam Preparation Center of Barcelona our teachers genuinely care about each student. This specialized care helps student’s reach their full potential, which consequently leads to each student obtaining their desired results.


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“Decidí tomar el curso de GRE porque estoy preparando la solicitud a PhDs en EEUU, y el examen GRE es un requisito indispensable. Al ir un poco perdido, y al tener una meta muy elevada, decidí prepararlo con una academia. Desde el primer momento, Exam Prep Center de Barcelona me transmitió confianza, especialmente Jaclyn, mi profesora. Jaclyn no sólo es rigurosa y trabajadora sino que también es simpática y próxima. Como soy muy trabajador, buscaba un sitio que me permitiese focalizarme e implicarme de hoz a coz; gracias a la cantidad de material que se me proporcionó pude conseguirlo.Sin duda alguna, mi nivel de inglés dio un salto importante. Finalmente, logré mi objetivo y puntué 164 en el Verbal y 5 en el Writing (solicitaré el PhD en una materia de letras). En fin: altamente recomendable!”

Jacobo de Camps Mora

GRE Verbal - 164

“Without a doubt, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EPIC Barcelona!! This is my second experience with EPIC and working with Jackie and I WAS SUCCESSFUL BOTH TIMES. I wanted to take the GRE to increase my chances of getting a scholarship and I knew I needed a teacher. Having previously worked with Jackie for the TOEFL (and scoring 118/120), I knew she would help me achieve my goal.

In my opinion, this kind of exams not only test your knowledge but also how you prepare specifically for the exam so it is very very important to work with someone who has experience with previous students and who is familiar with the test questions. This is why studying EPIC is so useful: by the end of our preparation, I felt I knew exactly what the test makers tried to test in every question. Moreover, we detected my weakness -which was English vocabulary and reasoning comprehension- and she provided me with tons of materials and the hardest (which is essential if you want score high). Finally, I was able to score 164 verbal and 166 math!! Without EPIC I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve such a high score.

Finally, it is very very important to know how to self-motivate because these exams can be overwhelming and it is very easy to get pessimistic… in this way, Jackie helped me a lot with her constant encouragement and optimism. So, overall, if you are thinking to get a teacher for the TOEFL or the GRE, do not hesitate! If you want to get a high score, you definitely need EPIC. Thank you so much Jackie and EPIC for all your help!!”

Olivia Prior

TOEFL - 118/120

“I started doing SAT prep classes with the Exam Prep Center in the summer before my last year of school (senior year). EPC helped me raise my score from an 1800 to a 2070 and get a perfect score in reading (800/800). This is an incredible feat and thanks to my score, I was able to gain entry with a scholarship to the University of Miami, which is ranked very high in the United States. I also got into University of California San Diego (ranked number 26 in the US) and other schools. This is no small feat and I was able to do this thanks to my very high score in the SAT.”

Gines Vivancos Duran

SAT - 800/800 Critical Reading

“Necesitaba una nota alta en el examen de TOEFL para convalidar alguna asignatura de la universidad. Por lo que pensé que me iría muy bien algo de ayuda en la preparación y encontré Exam Prep Center of Barcelona en Internet muy fácilmente. Había visitado algún otro sitio de preparación, otras academias, pero en este lugar desde el primer momento me atendieron de forma muy personal y sin tener dudas me decanté por ellos. Existen varias formas en las que te pueden ayudar a preparar tu examen, pero yo elegí entrar en un mini-group en el cual estábamos 4 personas con una profesora nativa. Este sistema me facilitó muchísimo el aprendizaje y refuerzo de mis puntos débiles. Sarah, la profesora, siempre fue muy atenta con todos y supo como enfocarnos los problemas para ayudarnos. Además nos orientó en el proceso de familiarización con el tipo de examen y contestó a todas nuestras dudas sobre cómo proceder con todo los papeleos para apuntarse al examen. Finalmente hice el examen y superé la nota que necesitaba. Doy las gracias a Sarah, a Jaclyn y a mis compañeros del mini-group por toda la ayuda que me brindaron. ¡Muchas gracias!”

Irene Juste Conde

TOEFL - 110/120


Our professors are Native Speakers and certified who have years of experience in test preparation and offer the highest teaching standards in the industry.


We have intentionally chosen to limit the size of our group courses in order to offer a more personalized course that focuses more specifically on each student’s needs.


We have extensive teaching resources to assure your success, including online platforms that are proven to get results and excel on your exam.


We cover all the bases. From test preparation courses to university admission counseling. We provide you with everything you need to obtain your dreams abroad.


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