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IELTS is the English language assessment test most commonly used in English-speaking countries for admissions to educational institutions, immigration and work.

IELTS is available in two formats depending on the reason for which the test is required:

Academic | General Training

ACADEMIC: This test format is used for those who wish to study abroad in an English-speaking institution of higher education. In this case, the test assesses a candidate’s knowledge of academic language which is essential in attending universities and Masters programs in English.

GENERAL TRAINING: This test format is suitable for those who wish to go abroad for secondary education, immigration or work. In this case, the test measures English language proficiency in a practical everyday context.

The test assesses four different skills:

Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking


Exam Prep Courses

Why the Exam Preparation Center of Barcelona

Expert Teachers

Our professors have years experience in test preparation and offer the highest teaching standards in the industry.

Excellent Curriculum

We have extensive teaching resources including online platforms that are proven to get results and excel on your exam.

Small Groups

We have deliberately chosen to limit the size of our group courses in order to offer a more personalized course that focuses more specifically on each student’s need.

360° Service

We cover all the bases – from test preparation, to admission counseling, essay editing and coaching. We provide you with everything you need to fully succeed and obtain your dreams.

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